Monday, March 30, 2009

Bertolli Pasta Sauce

If you buy Bertolli's pasta sauces, please keep these matters in mind:

  • Any label listing CHEESE, or any type of cheese, is most likely derived from PORK.
  • Avoid any variety with BEEF/MEAT FLAVORING
  • Of course avoid all of their VODKA SAUCES, because obviously there is Vodka inside
  • They also said they use SHERRY WINE in their products, but didn't specify if this was always on their label or if you used it in all the sauces. I would switch to a different brand to be on the safer side.

Hello Lazeena,

Thanks for writing!

Bertolli sauces do not contain animal or animal derived ingredients unless listed on label, e.g., cheese, cream, etc. The label may also specify that the product is flavored with "beef" or "meat" . The "Meat" is always beef. However, the cheese in products may be produced using ingredients derived from pork. You must check each label. If the product contains cheese, then you must assume it contains a pork derivative.

The wine used in our product is a sherry wine with a very minimal alcohol content. The Unilever and home cooking processes almost eliminate the alcohol entirely. The wine is really just a flavoring agent.

In our Vodka sauce, the recipe includes 2 1/2% Vodka for flavoring purposes only. Most of the spirits evaporate during the reheating process leaving behind only the flavor.

Kind regards,
Your friends at Bertolli


Haleemah said...

Wow, PORK?! I noticed this a lot with Italian cooking and Italian styled food. Brothers and sisters please be careful when eating seafood at Italian restaurants! Most likely they use sherry wine and vodka in it!!!

Beauty Junkie said...

I'm confused. How can cheese be derived from PORK? I mean, isn't cheese haraam when there is rennet or whey in it?

Not that it really matters to me, I just stick to plain old Traditional Tomato Ragu

Haleemah said...

Exactly... you answered your question Beauty Junkie... rennet and whey mostly come from animals. If cheese is in it they will just put CHEESE not RENNET WHEY and so on... it makes the list too long. Like cookies... they just put CREAM, they won't list the components really.. like the alcoholic vanilla extract in the cream ya know

Oh and you said you use Ragu.. I would check her Ragu post to be sure the one you use is safe!! I never knew this stuff about sauces before so I have to check my pantry nowwwww lmao

Sadeeka said...

Yeah Haleemah is right, I was going to say that too

Beauty Junkie said...

Well, my question was really, can't rennet and whey ONLY be derived from cows? I thought rennet was from the lining of the stomach of a cow, it can be derived from a pig too???? UGH, thank Allah I read labels!

P.S. Like I said in my original comment, plain tomato Ragu with nothing but tomatoes :) I don't go for the cheesy pasta sauces. Now, can someone tell me where I can get some Halal ravioli? Every ravioli has whey in it, and i've never seen a Halal one. Can someone hook me up?

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Sometimes (very rarely) they use microbial enzymes to make the rennet and whey, this is the case with most Parmesan cheeses... or like the Kraft Parmesan and Swiss Singles are halal because of that... they use microbial enzymes to make the cheese. Enzymes from animals are mostly used in certain cheeses just for flavoring purposes

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Some cheeses use rennet and some use enzymes... the ones with enzymes are most likely porcine and the ones using rennet are most likely from, as you said, the lining of a calves stomach. Halal or not.. that's just weirdddd.

Anywho, I've used those cheesy pasta sauces before and you don't even taste the cheese, to me at least. I just buy my own parmesan and sprinkle it on biggy.

Anonymous said...

try using Barilla sauces - they are all kosher, so you knowc there is no pork in it, and they don't use wine, either

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that wtf and they just hide that from us. Wow...