Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hostess Snacks

Hostess, my friends, is a big no-no. None of their products are okay.

Here is a list of Hostess Products:

  • Twinkies
  • CupCakes
  • HoHo's
  • Suzy Q's
  • Ding Dongs
  • Donettes
  • Mini Muffins
  • Sno Balls
  • Fruit Pies
I used to be a Fruit Pie addict! I loved the apple ones, but a few years ago I stopped finding them at the store and eventually gave up on them.

Here's a summary of what the email says for any lazy bums who don't feel like reading it =)
  1. FRUIT PIES contain BEEF FAT
  2. SHORTENING on the ingredient label can be from either VEGETABLE or BEEF sources
  3. BEEF FAT is used in the CREAM FILLINGS
  4. BEEF FAT is also used in the FRYING OIL
  5. GELATIN on the ingredient label is always from PORK

Here is the email:

Dear Lazeena,

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in contacting us regarding the shortening ingredients used in our products.

Our Hostess Fruit pies contain beef fat. The shortening ingredients noted on our labels are: vegetable (may be soybean and/or canola and/or cottonseed and/or palm oil) and beef shortening. "Beef Fat" when noted, is a very small trace used in the creamy fillings of our cakes for taste. Also, it is used in a trace amount in the vegetable oil frying medium.

Gelatin, when noted on the ingredient legend is pork sourced. Gelatin is used in the squiggle of our Hostess® and Dolly Madison® cupcakes and also in the Hostess® SnoBalls.

Thank you for contacting us...

Consumer Response Representative


Cea said...

can't say i'm surprised...a lot of tasty things are unfortunately haraam.

Barbara L said...

I knew there was a reason I have NEVER EVER even tasted one of those things. Anything with a shelf life that long just cannot be good for the body. Once again, thanks for doing all this legwork for us.

Could you please check Orville Redenbacher's microwave popcorns? Pleaseeeee? This is my only junk food weakness.

This momma says, bake from scratch, know your ingredients, and you will never go wrong even it does not look like the pictures! I used my Mother's old cookbooks from the 1930's to bake with, and my kids never ever got into junk food.

By the way, it is much cheaper to do this too!

Anonymous said...

sure tastey, but whats in them is disgusting.. to me that makes them not tastey at all cea, so i dont feel deprived at all

Anonymous said...

salam! all your work is soo impressive! i'm not too sad to say 'bye bye' to hostess, i'll live. But can you pleasee check if the nature valley granola bars (cashew butter is soo good)are halal? my husband loves them and they instantly fill you up, so it saves me afternoon cooking!!

Anonymous said...

Today my parents just brought home one of those big boxes of Chocolate Hostes cupcakes. I read the ingredients and saw that they had Gelatin, I wasn't sure what type so I came here and found out it was pork.

We gave the entire box to one of our non-Muslim neghbors. Afterall, it is Ramazan,hahaha.

Anonymous said...

assalam alaikum to all the muslim brothers and sisters to respond to the post below i dont think your suppose to give haram foods even to non muslims , were not suppose to aid others in sin ask your imam inshallah

Anonymous said...

I on the other hand grew up with Hostess and am upset about most items not being Halal. I have found that the fat free (can't recall the name) chocolate zinger-like cake is Halal, their donuts are Halal and so are the Ho Ho's. Oh yes and the mini muffins. That is all. I have emailed them about a Halal line. They replied that something is in the works for a special line for those who don't consume animal fat. How true that is I don't know. I guess it's a good thing because I'm fat enough.

rayhaana said...

so i'm confused...are Zingers okay? if it is beef fat it is okay right? as long as it is not pork. my dad bought raspberry zingers and iced vanilla zingers... let me know. :-)

Anonymous said...

As Salaamu Alaikum,

I am from the UK. My manager recently went to New York and has come back today with a Box of Trinkies. I am in doubt and not had one so far... Can you please advise me if this product is halaal?



Anonymous said...

Yo guys don't listen to this dude. He is mostly right but not quite accurate. I on the other hand know more than him. If you guys what to know anything about a certain product just let me know and I will inform you as best as I can. If you guys have any questions just find me on facebook. My name on facebook is ali abdullah. So before I go let me restate what I said buy saying this dude is not accurate with his info. There are some hostess snacks that are alright to eat.

Anonymous said...

Assalaam alaikum and what the heck?! Ppl don't pay attention! Since when is "beef" haram? Some of the products contain pork some don't. If they don't contain pork, I will have my Twinkies!

Anonymous said...

Btw i live in UK and im pretty sure they dont slaughter the animal in the name of god so u cannot hve ur twinkies they are not hmc (slaughter of animal in name of god) but it is rather hfa (stunned,bolt to the head or just slaughtered after it has been starved)

Bilal Dardari said...

the new Twinkies that came out don't have gelatin labeled in the ingredients. people should stop making everything haraam

Anonymous said...

y is the dounuts a no no

Unknown said...

this world is a test. filled with alot of desired things. we were sent from heaven because this test is a must do, which is why we live a short life in this world.

Emad Alfaqih said...

but its now up to you. Whether you go right or you go left

Emad Alfaqih said...

but its now up to you. Whether you go right or you go left

Emad Alfaqih said...

this world is a test. filled with alot of desired things. we were sent from heaven because this test is a must do, which is why we live a short life in this world.

Anonymous said...

Even it is beef, we cannot assure it is zabeehah (halal)beef.