Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lender's Bagels

Here's an email I received from Lender's Bagels. The bagels contain an ingredient derived from CHICKEN FEATHERS (?!?! eww..! who'd a thought?!) However, I haven't found information that would deem them as haram as the laws for zabiha meat and zabiha animal hide/exterior are different. I guess it just makes the bagels weird for now, until I find more info.

Dear Lazeena:

In the baking process yeast converts sugar into carbon dioxide and allows baked products to rise. HFCS is the sugar source in Lender's bagels that facilitates that process.

The dough conditioner in bagels, l-cycsteine is sourced from chicken - chicken feathers to be exact. This might render the bagels unacceptable for vegetarian consumption.

Beyond those requirements, the details of individual ingredients are part of our confidential formulation which we are not able to disclose.

Thank you for your e-mail.



Consumer Insights Representative

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lipton's Soups

A red flag with this brand, which will now queue us to be more careful with other brands is that in their soups they may list NATURAL FLAVORS in the ingredients section, which can be derived from animals. So the next time you see NATURAL FLAVORS on anything you buy... be wary...

Hello ,

Thanks for writing!

Most of our soups contain meat, meat derivatives, or dairy products.

Here are some exceptions :



- Onion

- Onion Mushroom

- Vegetable



- Broccoli & Cheese

- Cream of Mushroom

- Spring Vegetable

- Tomato

Ingredients of animal origin may be listed as meat (e.g., chicken or beef), fat (as in chicken fat), extract (such as beef extract, broth, or natural flavors).

But, we checked with our brand management, and they informed us that the natural flavors may or may not be derived from animal origin. There are many mixtures that we purchase from hundreds of flavor suppliers. If you are uncomfortable about the natural flavorings used they recommend that you do not use the product as we cannot guarantee that it is not of animal origin.
We hope this information is helpful.

Kind regards

Your friends at Unilever

Here are the safe ones as mentioned above:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Apple & Eve Juices

Dear Lazeena:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Apple & Eve 100% juices.

None of our juices contain any animal derived ingredients or alcohol. Our 100% juice contains only juice with no artificial ingredients, sugars or sweeteners.

Best regards,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Colonna Brothers Grated Cheeses

All of Colonna Brother's grated cheeses are halal alhamdulillah because they use microbial enzymes in them - which seems to be the case with most grated cheeses.

You can find their grated cheeses here

This is their email:

All enzymes found in Colonna Brothers Grated Cheese are microbial, not animal based.


Colonna Brothers Inc.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dawn, Joy, & Ivory Dish Liquid Detergent

Dawn, Joy, and Ivory dish liquid detergents do not contain any animal derived ingredients. However, ethyl alcohol is used in all of these brands.

Thanks for contacting us.

No Animal derivatives Not found in any Dawn, Joy or Ivory product.

Ethyl alcohol is used in all versions of Dawn, Ivory, and Joy. That is the only type of alcohol in Dawn.

P&G Team

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Andy Capp Fries (Hot Fries, Cheddar Fries...)

Dear Lazeena,

All of the Andy Capp Fries would be considered to contain animal derivatives. The Cheddar Fries, Chili Cheese and the White Cheddar steak Fries all contain cheese. The Hot Fries contain whey. The whey is animal derived.

Consumer Affairs

Sunday, April 5, 2009

**New Hijabs, Pins, Gummies and other candies!**

I've finally gotten the new items for my little online souq

They include:
  • New hijabs! (pashminas, shaylas, amiras, and square hijabs)
  • New hijab pins
  • Candies: Halal Starburst (Original and Strawberry Mixed flavors) Halal gummies (variety of flavors)
  • Chocolates: I've added a few chocolates which are not native to the US, so it's something sweet to treat yourself to! ;)

Check out for the products, information, pricing, and how to order.

Keep checking on and off too, I'll be adding items periodically over the next week. If you want me to hold something for you (at a negotiated and reasonable amount of time) then I am willing to do that too.

continued on my other blog..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Smashbox Cosmetics

Please be careful when shopping for cosmetics from Shambox. Take extra care in which varities you get as well. A lot of them contain insect coloring among other animal derived ingredients they didn't delve too much into in explaining. I've provided links for all the cosmetics below, just click on the name and it'll take you to Smashbox's website with the product info.


Thank you for contacting us. "Animals" is a term widely recognized to mean mammals. Our cosmetics are free of animal ingredients. Some vegans may also consider "insects" to be animals. Some time ago, Smashbox determined that our official interpretation of "No animal ingredients" means "No animal ingredients…insects are not animals". We have continued to use Carmine, Beeswax, and Honey in some of our cosmetic formulations. Our brushes are not cosmetics so technically are not subject to this claim, we continue to produce both synthetic and natural fiber brushes.

Our Core Item Vegan List is as follows:

, Neutral

Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion in Diffuse, Flash & Glow

Bronze Lights
in Suntan Matte & Sunkissed Matte

Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation, All Shades

Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer, All Shades

Compact Anti-Shine

Cream Eye Liner in Picasso
, Thunder, Caviar, Midnight Brown, Scout, Lava, Putty & Image (MIDNIGHT PURPLE variety NOT INCLUDED!!!)

Eyelights in Flash (BEAM and STROBE varieties NOT INCLUDED!!!)

Eye Shadow in Vanilla, Sand, Bliss, Platinum, Nude, Shell, Oyster, Ink, Java, Safari, Walnut, Ambient, Eye Shadow in 24K, Serpent, Lagoon, Obsidian, Blackout, Envy, Flirt, Champagne, Zoom (MINX, BRAZILIAN BRONZE, CABERNET, CINNAMON TOAST,SPELLBOUND, FIZZ, RAPTURE, FLAMINGO, HONEY, TORCH, and SIENNA varieties are NOT INCLUDED!!)

Eye Shadow Trio in, Twilight, Microfilm, Shutterspeed (CENTER STAGE, PANORAMA, HEAD SHOT, MULTI-FLASH, ON STAGE and VIEWFINDER varieties are NOT INCLUDED!!!)

Filter (Photo Finish Primer Pen)

Fusion Soft Lights, Baked Starburst

Fusion Soft Lights, Dusk (INTERMIX variety is NOT INCLUDED!!!)

Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder, All Shades

Jet Set in Midnight Black, Dark Brown, Bronze, Navy Blue (MIDNIGHT PURPLE variety NOT INCLUDED!!!)

Lip Brilliance, Transparencies (LIGHTBOX, SKYBOX and STAGE 2 varities are NOT INCLUDED!!!)
Lip Enhancing Gloss in Starlit, Flash, 35MM, Aura, Crystal, Pop, Spark, Afterglow, Expose, Candid, Siren, Scoop, Radiant, Debut, Fame, Luxe, Surge, Hype, Pixel, Beauty, Pout, Electric (ICON and ILLUME varieties are NOT INCLUDED!!!)





Photo Finish Lipstick, All Shades

Photo Finish Foundation Primer
, All Sizes

Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer
, All Shades & Sizes

Photo Finish Bronzing Foundation Primer, All Sizes

Photo Finish UVA/UVB SPF 15 Foundation Primer, All Sizes

Primer Light, All Sizes

Waterproof Shadow Liner Duo in Cashmere & Smolder (GODDESS and SLATE varieties are NOT INCLUDED!!!)

Best Wishes,


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pert Plus Shampoo

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for contacting Pert Plus Consumer Relations.

Like most shampoo's, the Pert Plus line does contain tallow which is a animal derived ingredient and alcohol in some of the fragrances.

A complete list of ingredients can be found on the back of all Pert Plus bottles.

Thank you for contacting Pert Plus Consumer Relations.

Consumer Response Representative

Nature's Own Breads

Dear Lazeena:

There are no alcohol containing ingredients used in our Nature's Own formulas.

Some of our products do contain butter from cows and some contain honey.

L-cysteine is not an ingredient in the Nature's Own formulas.

The Double Fiber 20 ounce bread contains Omega 3 from a fish oil source.

Thank you for your interest in our products.


V P Technical Services/Quality Assurance/Regulatory Flowers Foods

This response is for all their products (their breads, muffins, English muffins, bagels, buns, and rolls). If yo visit their website and select a specific product, it will list the ingredients there for you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Curel Lotion

For Curel lotion, the company is 'unsure' of what specifically goes into it and basically takes whatever materials are available at the time and use it in their lotions.

Dear Lazeena:

Our Biore products have only plant derived or synthetic ingredients.

For Jergens, our Naturals Renew, Naturals Hydrate and Naturals Refresh are also free of animal derived ingredients
However, for our other products, we cannot guarantee the lack of animal derived ingredients because we use multiple suppliers for a variety of our materials who can change sources at any time due to market conditions.


Kao Brands Consumer Relations Dept.

Ban Biore Curel Jergens John Frieda