Friday, April 10, 2009

Dawn, Joy, & Ivory Dish Liquid Detergent

Dawn, Joy, and Ivory dish liquid detergents do not contain any animal derived ingredients. However, ethyl alcohol is used in all of these brands.

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No Animal derivatives Not found in any Dawn, Joy or Ivory product.

Ethyl alcohol is used in all versions of Dawn, Ivory, and Joy. That is the only type of alcohol in Dawn.

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Barbara L said...

This is an honest question. Why should it matter about a dish detergent? How can such a thing be haram or halal? Environmental sensitivity or boycotting I can comprehend, but why should it matter if there is a touch of alcohol in it? Would someone actually avoid a product for this reason? And yes, I will look again for an answer to this. (Animal I understand, why there would be animal in dish soap, but that is something else).

Barbara L said...

Regarding natural products and my words.

No offence was ever intended to sound snooty or whatever and I do apologize to any who were offended of if I came across that way.

The person who brought me to Islam was a real stickler for natural because that is how he interpreted taking the best possible care of the gift of your body. He taught me that, unless there was a good reason, you went natural because it was most pleasing.

No more mention of such things again.

Mahum said...

I don't use dish detergent and clothes detergent with any haram products because we were adviced in Quran to avoid it, period. That's all that should matter. Who's to say all that stuff washes off and then its on our plate we eat off of. We're not supposed to use it. it goes on our hands into our pores and everything. That mean if there is a touch of alcohol in food it should not matter either then?

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Well some people avoid products like these that contain alcohol and some don't. So I'm just putting the information out there for whoever may be in need of it inshaAllah and just for general knowledge. But as the sister mentioned, because it contains something which is to be avoided, that's enough for some people to stay away from it.

wantowearhijab said...

I use Dawn(I like the and renewal). InshAllah I will stop eating it. My mom loves to cook w/ whine, but swears it evaporates, but now whenever I am visiting them I just make my own things to eat. DO u know of a website that shows what IS halal and IS haram? There are a few items I am interested in knowing if they are haram, b/c I buy them.

Anonymous said...

If you are on Antibuse - any alcohol - consumed or soaked thu the skin - can make you very ill.