Saturday, April 4, 2009

Smashbox Cosmetics

Please be careful when shopping for cosmetics from Shambox. Take extra care in which varities you get as well. A lot of them contain insect coloring among other animal derived ingredients they didn't delve too much into in explaining. I've provided links for all the cosmetics below, just click on the name and it'll take you to Smashbox's website with the product info.


Thank you for contacting us. "Animals" is a term widely recognized to mean mammals. Our cosmetics are free of animal ingredients. Some vegans may also consider "insects" to be animals. Some time ago, Smashbox determined that our official interpretation of "No animal ingredients" means "No animal ingredients…insects are not animals". We have continued to use Carmine, Beeswax, and Honey in some of our cosmetic formulations. Our brushes are not cosmetics so technically are not subject to this claim, we continue to produce both synthetic and natural fiber brushes.

Our Core Item Vegan List is as follows:

, Neutral

Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion in Diffuse, Flash & Glow

Bronze Lights
in Suntan Matte & Sunkissed Matte

Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation, All Shades

Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer, All Shades

Compact Anti-Shine

Cream Eye Liner in Picasso
, Thunder, Caviar, Midnight Brown, Scout, Lava, Putty & Image (MIDNIGHT PURPLE variety NOT INCLUDED!!!)

Eyelights in Flash (BEAM and STROBE varieties NOT INCLUDED!!!)

Eye Shadow in Vanilla, Sand, Bliss, Platinum, Nude, Shell, Oyster, Ink, Java, Safari, Walnut, Ambient, Eye Shadow in 24K, Serpent, Lagoon, Obsidian, Blackout, Envy, Flirt, Champagne, Zoom (MINX, BRAZILIAN BRONZE, CABERNET, CINNAMON TOAST,SPELLBOUND, FIZZ, RAPTURE, FLAMINGO, HONEY, TORCH, and SIENNA varieties are NOT INCLUDED!!)

Eye Shadow Trio in, Twilight, Microfilm, Shutterspeed (CENTER STAGE, PANORAMA, HEAD SHOT, MULTI-FLASH, ON STAGE and VIEWFINDER varieties are NOT INCLUDED!!!)

Filter (Photo Finish Primer Pen)

Fusion Soft Lights, Baked Starburst

Fusion Soft Lights, Dusk (INTERMIX variety is NOT INCLUDED!!!)

Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder, All Shades

Jet Set in Midnight Black, Dark Brown, Bronze, Navy Blue (MIDNIGHT PURPLE variety NOT INCLUDED!!!)

Lip Brilliance, Transparencies (LIGHTBOX, SKYBOX and STAGE 2 varities are NOT INCLUDED!!!)
Lip Enhancing Gloss in Starlit, Flash, 35MM, Aura, Crystal, Pop, Spark, Afterglow, Expose, Candid, Siren, Scoop, Radiant, Debut, Fame, Luxe, Surge, Hype, Pixel, Beauty, Pout, Electric (ICON and ILLUME varieties are NOT INCLUDED!!!)





Photo Finish Lipstick, All Shades

Photo Finish Foundation Primer
, All Sizes

Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer
, All Shades & Sizes

Photo Finish Bronzing Foundation Primer, All Sizes

Photo Finish UVA/UVB SPF 15 Foundation Primer, All Sizes

Primer Light, All Sizes

Waterproof Shadow Liner Duo in Cashmere & Smolder (GODDESS and SLATE varieties are NOT INCLUDED!!!)

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Anonymous said...

whatttt? OMG
there is someone with a halal blog like yours (from the start i felt unsure about it, i should have followed my gut!!!!) and they said smashbox was halal! i just went out and splurged on it. their stuff is so expensive but i figured if its halal then its worth the investment! i'm so mad. i know i won't inshallah be held accountable for using it, but i spent A LOT OF MONEY!! for what??? what a waste, I'm so pissed now but thanks for giving the straight answer sister

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. They say they don't use animal by products but then there is a list of stuff that isn't ok? I'm confused. What are they saying then?

Is this list that has no beeswax, honey or carmine in it?

Sameeha said...

They said they don't consider insects as animals because in English terms animal and insect mean different things, but Muslims and vegetarians do consider them impermissible animal. So that is a vegan list okay. Only thing sister Lazeena can do maybe is to ask them to take out from the list what has beeswax and honey because that is okay for us, just not carmine is not okay

Beauty Junkie said...

To Anonymous:

I'm only going to assume that you were referring to my blog, I am sorry that you were never sure about my blog.

I DO take the time to contact companies about animal byproducts. Unfortunately, I was told by the company that they do not use animal derivatives. That was it. I was not told about the carmine, because, as Sameeha stated, they do not consider insects to be animals.

Please do not be angry with me for the mistake, it was an honest mistake, and I was not completely informed by the company. I want to reiterate that I DO take the time to email companies and read the websites. I am not making this stuff up as I go along. This blog was what inspired me to write my own, and Lazeena provides me with a lot of facts for my own blog. InshAllah, I will be correcting this mistake. I just ask for your forgiveness if you felt my blog was misleading.

Anonymous said...

sorry i was in a state of shock and rage, you cant blame me after $200 spent in makeup. sorry again, from ur post after i read it after this one i realized i should have asked or somethin cuz u didnt provide any insight like 'i cald them and theyt said this, or in an email they told me this' or w/e so yea... its all good. this is a lesson for us all i guess.

Beauty Junkie said...


It's all good! I would be upset if I spent that much money on products as well, knowing that they are not appropriate. I stated on my blog the information that was given on the website.

Please let me advise you to look at the products you bought, and compare them to the list Lazeena posted. You might not have lost too much.

Once again, I apologize. I will try to be more detailed and clear in my blog posts. InshAllah, we can learn together.

After Glow Cosmetics said...

Nice Info. Thanks for sharing. I saw halal brushes here. Check them out.

SARAH said...

eco tools is good brand of brushes which i think are halal but im not sure and they are very cheap and sell at about 10 dollars at any cvs or wegmans .... the quality is excellent too .

Anonymous said...

How about this, you ask a sheikh as to what ingredient is halal and what isn't? Yeah?

If you don't have access to a scholar then here's a really good fatawa website:

Paul Ryan said...

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