Sunday, March 1, 2009

Smartfood: White Cheddar Popcorn

Ah, how I miss thee!

Dear Lazeena:

We are pleased to respond to your recent inquiry concerning pork-related ingredients used in some of our seasoned products.

While some Frito-Lay snacks do contain enzymes from porcine sources, many do not.

Smartfood has animal enzymes in the cheese.


Consumer Affairs


Barbara L said...

ACH! Could you do a check on Orville Reddenbacher's various types of Microwave popcorns? Now THAT will break my heart if they are haram.

Almallena said...

so this isnt Halal, right?

Anonymous said...

duh its haram lmao

pie said...

@ Anon., why are you saying duh it's haram like that? it comes across as very rude and i hope you didnt mean it that way. very unislamic behavior if you did.

Anonymous said...

pie i meant it as a joke so plz calm down. i mean if you read the post the answer is rite there whats the problem. sorry if u were offended by my comment to someone else. sorry

Abdul said...

why are they being do vague? why not mention is it pork or not? because as we know there is other animal sources than Pigs!

None said...

They're being vague because they want us to think that's ok sometimes so they wouldn't lose money from the Muslim community buying their snacks. I have checked for animal products in a lot of products and many websites are not very specific on purpose. For example, I have checked with a few different brands of vitamins but they never specified which kinds had pork and which did not. They also do not answer whether the gelatin is pork or not and say something like "the fish oil tablet contains fish" UMMM no really? lol!

Anonymous said...

Im just askin is it halal or not

Anonymous said...

Is it halal or not