Friday, March 6, 2009

Prego Pasta Sauce

Prego's pasta sauces are ALL haram, except for the Organic Sauces:

  • Organic Tomato & Basil Italian Sauce
  • Organic Mushroom Italian Sauce
I wasn't told what was in the rest of them which made them impermissible, but I was advised by Campbell to not consume them if I didn't eat products with animal derivatives in them. The Organic sauces are also Vegan I was told.


eeman said...


Coming across your blog has really provided insights into alot of things concerning halal and haram.

My problem now is that everything seems to contain glycirine, which av read is derived from pork or beef. i Checked my shampoo [motions], cream and soap [nevea], body spray [nevea] and a host of other products. They either contain stearic acid, glycerine or gelatine.

For now, av stuck to locally made soap and shea butter for my skin and hair.

Thanks again for the insights. May Alah reward you accordingly.[Ameen]

Ma salam

Qupid said...

Hello! YUM! I LOVE pasta. So, we need a better way to communicate than in our comments! My e-mail is I noticed that your Souq store has had a ton of visitors in the last few days! Reddit can be a great way to get traffic. Here is where I posted a link to your site:

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Have you been to my Swedish Fish blog? They're vegan candy, and I have a blog all about it.

Mmm, vegan food!

Qupid said...

By the way, I just noticed the conflicting information on the pasta--if the organic ones are vegan, that means they don't have any animal by-products in them. I would like to know what animal by-products are in those then, because it isn't apparent from the label.

Tiara said...


I hope I can go straight to the point. I have used Prego sauce before around a few months ago but I didn't realise it then but now i know... Does all the Prego sauce have swine(pork) content in it?

Is it ok to still use the same pot that I cooked it with or do i have to wash it with clay and water for 7 times?

Please help me answer my questions... I desperately need all the help I can get.