Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snyder's of Hanover (Pretzels and Snacks)

Snyder's of Hanover says that any of their products labeled as Kosher, does not contain any animal derived ingredients. They sent me the Letter of Certification by the Orthodox Union, I'm not sure if the link will work or not.

In any event, inshaAllah just check for whatever has the kosher sign (in this range of products) and they are safe for consumption inshaAllah.

They make several pretzel snacks, some chips and a few popcorn flavors. This is their product page

(Just a collage of some of their products, I don't know which ones here are halal or not)

For some reason in the string of 4 emails I sent in response to their emails, even though I signed my name LAZEENA each time, this person called me LATEEN each time! ughh.. LOL

I hope this helps.

There is no meat or meat derived ingredients in our products if they
have the OU symbol on the package.

However, if you must avoid milk this
ingredient will be listed in the ingredient section.

Thanks for your interest in Snyder's of Hanover.


Miriam said...

I've never had these. Do you know if they are good?

Marissa said...

I love these pretzels! they have such unique flavors. I did not know they make chips I might have to check those out and the chocolate covered pretzel too.. yummyyy. thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

lateen?????? oh wow lolzzz
i've had some of these pretzels before, they are really unique and i like them. its good he hear the kosher ones are halal too. i think most of their items are kosher!

Uzwa Ul Haque said...

Hi, I am in Pakistan. Just wanted to know how can we get them here :(

Fatima said...

But there is something called kusher wine. Any chance this or other kusher products have traces of that ?

Assuming kusher wine is not halal.

Kawsar said...

Kosher doesn't mean Halal. As the sign or level read by the Jewish people, not Muslim believers. Chocolates are haram as they contain artificial flavour and colour both. Hershey's Pretzels are haram too