Sunday, March 15, 2009

Silk Soy Milk

Taken from Silk's website:

Are Silk products vegan?

Yes, completely! There are no animal derivatives hidden in any of the ingredients. The lactic acid and live cultures used in Silk soy yogurt come from a vegetable source. All vitamins used to fortify Silk Soymilk are derived from vegetable sources including calcium carbonate that comes from limestone.


Anonymous said...

Waalaikum assalam,
Silk Soy milk is vegan but is it halal? Was my doubt too. The natural flavours added in it are derived from corn based alcohol according to the website in FAQS.
So, i guess its not halal

Maria said...

Thats up to you, its a small amount of alcohol and I don't follow that. its too little to do aything come on now

Jameela said...

Only Alcohol fermented from grapes and dates are haraam. People take the word alcohol and misuse it, alcohol is a word for many types of substances, but only Khamr alcohol from these fruits are haram

rayhaana said...

that sounds right Jameela.

Habiba said...

So what kind of alcohol is in this product? The link in Anonymous' post is broken.

Habiba said...

I am sorry, I was a little confused... I see that it's corn based alcohol according to Anonymous.

Sorry *blush*