Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink

Yoohoo Chocolate Drink has been under speculation for some time. I don't know what people think is in it that can make it haram.

After contacting Yoohoo, they confirmed that Yoohoo does not contain any animal ingredients, other than milk, and no alcohol either (This applies to ALL their Yoohoo varieties: Lite Chocolate, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Double Fudge)

I always have Yoohoo in the fridge <3>


Noshi said...

I think it might just be a personal choice because apparently the company is owned by a Jew. Or so I have read somewhere. I'm not sure if it's true though. Allahu Alim.

It is some tasty stuff though, haha.

Haleemah said...

They're owned by Jews? I never heard this. Where's the proof? Now everyone says that everything is owned by Jews and can't even own up to it. Even the site which lists what to boycott has reports from 2000 what the hell is that? And so what if they're owned bt Jews? They are people of the book, our brothers... our problem is with the wrongdoers and killers in Israel, not Jews.

Savanna said...

The caution has nothing to do with Jews. It contains 'MONO AND DIGLYCERIDES' which can be taken from animals. But Yoohoo takes theirs from plants alhumdulillah

Noshi said...

Haleemah- I know that. But, the Jews do have a lot of power in the economy and government in general. Smart people. I have nothing against Jews though.

Savanna- I didn't know that. JazakAllahu khair.

Princess Amna 071611 said...

Thanks so much for all you are doing to ensure that Muslims can ensure the products they buy are halal! Jazakallah Khair!

Anonymous said...

Noshi is right about the jews having a lot of power in economy and government.They are tge biggest deceivers that have ever walked on the face of the earth.There is no such thing as good jews except maybe there children.They are taught from childhood to hate,scorn and deceive people of other religions and especially the muslims.Be very wary of jewish food products as they are taught by their leaders to purposely put haraam stuff in thier products.They do this because they know that our prayers wont be accepted for 49 days if we consume haraam stuff

Anonymous said...

Let's be real they(the Jews) are not going to put bad things in their food since they have to eat it as well. YooHoo is a good drink and they are not going to put fake ingredients in the drink such as artificial flavoring. YooHoo is a fortified drink and what is in a YooHoo is readable and basic. In the US especially you must read the label. Furthermore if you are not aware of the item you consume regardless of certification label you are not going to be penalized by Allah(swt) on your salats.
Our job is to provide good food and lawful foods for our families. Jews are the last people who want to hate, they have seen enough in the Middle East, Isreal, West Bank, Palestine,etc. The Jews and the Muslims pretty much want a consensus in Palestine they are tired. Thirty plus years of modern times fighting is enough. Both sides really are saying we need to get along. It is the older generations who are carrying it on.