Wednesday, February 11, 2009


These are soft, frozen pretzels which you just pop into the oven to bake for a little and they come out as warm, chewy pretzels.

Aside from their original pretzel flavor, they make some "Pretzelfils" which contain cheese on the inside. None of the Pretzelfils are halal, only the original flavored pretzels are okay.

These are the ones that are NOT okay:
  • Pizza Pretzelfils
  • Pepperjack Pretzelfils
  • Mozzarella Pretzelfils
  • Superpretzel Softstix (filled with Kraft cheese)

Someone asked me to look this one up. I've never tried these before, but it's been YEARS since I've had a delicious, warm pretzel... so I might just give it a shot. Now that I think about the local mall has a pretzel place and I might be better off with those. Me and pretzels are like a 1 time thing... you know there are some things you just have once in a while, otherwise you wouldn't enjoy them? mmm They make these cinnamon pretzels with a sweet frosting-type cream sauce poured over it... ahh I sense a field trip for tomorrow!


Mina said...

I love these! I just sprinkle cheese on them while they're still hot out the oven and dip them in marinara sauce while I eat it, just like the pizza filled ones I'm sure! They stay in the freezer so you can eat them on rare occasions as you like lol. Not the same as a warm, fresh made pretzel, but hits the spot when you want one!