Friday, February 27, 2009

V05 Hair Products

I think for a while it's been known that V05 Hair Products contain animal derived ingredients. Well, things are still the same.

Dear Lazeena,

In regards to your query on animal ingredients hydrolyzed animal protein, collagen, and elastin are by-products of the meat processing industry, but none are pork derived.

Animals are not killed for obtaining these ingredients. Some of our products do contain animal ingredients through the raw materials we get from outside sources.

We therefore can not state that our products are animal by-product free.



This picture was taken by someone who found the shampoo bottle in their closet after who knows how long. Point is... it's supposed to be CLEAR! What the heck happened to the shampoo? =/ Ewwww!


Asha said...

Maybe all the pig fats accumulated there. LOL!

Mina said...

ewwww i wonder if it was hard. imagine we put it on our hair thats nasty!

Muslim Girl said...

I always wondered if we're allowed using products containing animal ingredients such as on our hair, or facewash, etc. After all, we are not eating it so it's not like we are consuming haram meat, is it?

Asha said...

@sis muslim girl: hmm.. but wouldn't that mean that your skin will be in contact with the animal fat? It would be like touching shoes that has pig skin for example.

Wallahu'alam. I am not sure myself :(

Ayah said...

Why would you put something on your skin/body that you wouldn't put inside. Muslims should be clean on the inside and the outside! We shouldn't want these haraam materials anywhere near us. Most shaikhs forbid these items as well for the same reason. Plus when we put on our skin goes into our pores too and into our bloodstream.

Ana Vazquez said...

It says it does not contain pork