Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Reminder

As salaamu alaikum to all,

I know it's been disgustingly long since I updated this blog, and I really do apologize for that and inshaAllah my intention is to get back into things.

First, I wanted to remind everyone (once again, even though it's already on the site for those who are quick to talk without reading) that this blog isn't meant to say THIS FOOD IS HALAL or THIS FOOD IS HARAM, as I am not knowledgeable enough to say that I can only speak for myself and my family and what we choose to use or not use. But rather it sheds light on which ingredients are in certain foods and which are not, to help people decide based on the opinion they follow if they'd like to continue consuming/using a product or not. The most followed opinion is that once there is alcohol or animal byproducts in food or even body care products it's not permissible, however there ARE other opinions. So sometimes the site will seem to be slanted in the direction of the views I favor, but no need to come battle it out with your view, this blog is for informational purposes.

I'd also like to thank the readers who follow up on certain products, within the comment sections you will see some people who took the time out to contact certain companies received additional information regarding items and I'm thankful that they are being active themselves and sharing their finds with us.

I also never thought when I first started this site that it would be helpful to people other than Muslims, which I can't believe I overlooked. So for our vegetarian, vegan, Hindu, and Jewish contributors out there, thanks a bunch! And I hope this site caters to your needs as well!


Lauren said...

Thank you so much! Because I am a vegetarian, your website has been very helpful :)